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Paxon Hollow 2019 CR

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Enter name EXACTLY as it appears on government issued ID or passport if traveling internationally for airline ticketing purposes and to avoid problems at the gate:


Contact us if further requests or other arrangements are desired for rooming options. This will be an additional cost to the traveler.

If you are an adult and need a single room, you should request it to

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Not needed for Puerto Rico or domestic travel.

International travel:

NAME: The name must exactly match the full name on the passport/passport application. Check to make sure they match.​

VALID PASSPORT REQUIRED: A valid passport is required; the expiration date MUST be at least 6 MONTHS PAST the return date of tour. Check to see if passport renewal is necessary. If you do not have a current passport you will need to re-enter this portal and add valid passport information to maintain your flight and travel reservation.

DEADLINE: Apply NOW! Apply for your passport NO LATER than your 1st deposit / enrollment deadline. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your group flight reservation.

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Vamonos offers two of the most popular and beneficial travel insurance plans from Roam Right: the Pro Plan and the Pro Plus Plan. To be covered for pre-existing conditions, the plan must be paid for during the first enrollment deposit submission. If you would like the cancel for any reason option you must purchase travel insurance within 21 days of your first deposit. For more information on what each plan offers, click the links below:

If you are older than 59 and wish to purchase travel insurance, please call us for a price.

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